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V-Handwork Circle Aug. 21 and 28, 2020

31 Aug 2020 10:19 AM | Susette Shiver (Administrator)

I've much to tell you!!  We love it when new folks attend. We learn so much.  First, meeting new fiber artists opens doors.  And as we say, it is all about sharing (not to say showing off!). That's what we love, to see new pieces and discuss how they are made, why they are made, their meaning, stuff like that.  Second, new comers as well as regulars have so many questions and so during each get-together we share knowledge  Together, we represent quite a breadth of fiber knowledge and experience upon which to draw. And then there is the relaxing idle chat.  Good thing, else I would drop more stitches. After all, we are working on projects all along, hint hint, the handwork circle.  

August 21

Dolls today!  Both Katya and and Peggy make dolls and Katya is wrapping arms.  You can see the arms have a long way to go, and you get a peek here of my highly sophisticated recording device (a picture of a computer screen, hence the so-so quality of the image.  However, I hope you get a sense of our group this way).  

The legs look more finished.

Turns out, we have multiple gnome makers in our group in addition to doll makers.  

Peggy is currently on a gnome making streak, and years ago I make some under the influence of patterns of toys provided by our local Waldorf preschool (not to mention the chicks, cats, faceless dolls).  In discussing dolls, we all did agree that we prefer them to have faces, however simple in design.

Fun fact: Katya and Peggy both have experience of Petaluma CA.  So many interweaving stories (get it? Fiber? ha ha!).

Judy showed us her newly completed Tam (from Mary Rowe "Knit Tams" book, also many patterns on Ravelry).  And, she told us a trick to prevent a ''jog" in the pattern while knitting multicolor items in the round.  Knit one stitch from the previous row and then knit that and the stitch from the current row together.  Her tam came out beautifully, I am inspired.  And, it looks so very chic!!

August 28

I am taking a break, back soon with last Friday's blog!! .....

It was a full and busy/ exciting session with new and old (strikeout "old", use "familiar" instead) faces.  

Michael and Sarah Forehand joined us for the first time.  They have lived in the area for years in various places in and around Leicester. They are devoted to each other: witness the fact that he hand made a loom for her so she could begin to weave again!

Michael showed us the piece that is mounted on the wall behind them. It is the first fiber piece he made; it is composed completely from yarn and glue.  Very hard to see on the photo of the screen sharing!  Instead, check them out on his new website (not .com). 

I did make some screen shots of his other creative endeavors. The owl piece as well as his other works were recently shown during the Leicester Art Tour, but the owl is special to him and wasn't for sale although many tried to buy it! 

The next piece is hard to see on my reproduction but is a wool version of a bonsai tree.

Stephanie has some serious felting going on with her commissioned felted unicorn.  Stephanie now is a serious needle as well as wet felter; she recently treated herself to an electric roller device that takes on the mechanical felting for you and spares your arms from feeling like logs afterwards.  

Beth is also felting in preparation for the Christmas seasons,. Her specialties include small felted Santa's and such that can perch or be hung.  Since she produces wool batts and is a dyer of wool, she has total control of the raw ingredients including the timely production of more greens and reds.  Wish I took a picture of her red and green batts, but check out CurlyFurr on Etsy!!

Beth has partnered with Michael during our session to have him assemble the instructions for her kits using her own written descriptions and photos. She will be relieved to have more dyeing time and less computer time.  Stephanie also is contemplating using her professional work experience with Work Element Sheets to support her fiber art.  She is considering how to make best use of them to create instruction work flows for felting kits.  This work element approach uses a structured form to indicate work flow and materials, as I understand it, so one can guess its utility for instruction manuals for individual projects.

Again dolls were amongst us!  Katya is continuing with hers, specifically the very fine work of creating expressive hands.

Both Katya and Stephanie mentioned the influence of Sarafina.  They have enjoyed Sarafina's Fiber Fairy Friday events (doesn't that sound fun and interesting?). Serafina's website Sarafina Fiber Art, Inc has a whole range of teaching, supplies, and original art.  In addition to her current project, Stephanie has previously made some wonderful dolls that she showed us.

Well, I am tuckered out now and ready to stand up and go start a new project!!  Have a lovely week and see ya'll next week.  Do join us if you get the notion!  Sign up on Local Cloth Workshops list for the V-Handwork Circle.  

And, please volunteer your time to conduct a virtual studio tour so we can see your stuff and works in more detail!




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