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V-Handwork Circle July 10, 2020

13 Jul 2020 10:18 AM | Susette Shiver (Administrator)

We had a big and happy turnout last Friday for our weekly V-get-together! 

Weather-wise, it was exciting as we got to share when thunder and lightening and down pours shifted around regionally.  As a group we represented Weaverville, Asheville, Leicester, Sylva, and Hendersonville! When the storm arrived at one place, the sunny porch/room darkened and thunder could be heard. It was interesting, and something that Zoom participants could experience only on gallery mode!! 

The sad news that SAFF was cancelled left us a bit depressed since all of us enjoy attending either as a vendor or as shopper.  Nobody wants to get covid-19 though.  I notice that the Big Crafty in Asheville, which was to occur last Saturday, took place as "stories" by individual vendors who had been selected to participate.  Links to their webpages and elsewhere helped us to sample their wares and see what is up around town.  The Southern Highland Craft Guild will also be on line in July.  A quick google search will key you all into the available information and checkout events on Facebook.  

You might notice that in the middle of the group picture panel, there was a temporary absentee.  Leigh was indeed with us!  She was working on ripping out the window seat cover that moved with them from Illinois (did I remember that correctly?) to Asheville, this in preparation for re-sizing for their new window seat.  She is holding up the seam ripper for all to see:

Beth had just finished a new batting; they are usually 6-8 oz and so bigger than they seem when you just see one end (my opinion, don't take that for a group consensus!).  

Judi has finished a sweater with an experience of "what a beautiful sweater" (we were also us admiring it) but a personal experience of "never again, too complicated, irritating to make".  The pattern involved dramatic arrays of dropped stitches. Assuming she doesn't get tangled up in a bush wearing it, she will enjoy it for years.  

Lyn down in Sylva finished spinning some beautiful batting to create some beautiful, colorful yarn on a handsome spinning wheel.  We non-spinners vow to take it up soon. Those in the know asked how she would finish the yarn.  Would she leave it as single, or add other yarns to alter it's overall look?  We will ask for an update next week!

Paula has finished her musically-intended wrist warmers.  She is of the old time music camp, literally, outside at night playing music with a group and suffering from chilly hands.  The perfect yarny-knitty solution.

Finally, almost, Sebette and her cuddly soft gray-shaded batting flashed us her sweet smile and a cuddle.

Why did she do that you might ask?  Well two reasons:  I was making everyone do an actual show and tell at the end of our session because as we are doing handwork most of the rest of the time, our heads are down and our projects are in our laps out of sight!.  

The second reason I will illustrate in photos.  Those who didn't have pets, or didn't have lap pets had to make do.  Warning: the next photos have a high cuteness factor (including Judy, not a pet, but still cute)!!

It was a good session.

Susette (I was knitting)



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