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Preparing a Fleece

  • 17 Jan 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • 408 Depot St Asheville, NC
  • 3


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Whether you bought a fleece to save money, to help out a farmer, or because you want to have a "sheep to shawl" experience, you'll need to clean it and prepare it for spinning. There’s something magical about processing even a few ounces of unwashed wool—you connect to the fiber and the art of handspinning in a special way. A few of the benefits: • You learn about spinning from an actual sheep. If you process its entire fleece, you soon understand which parts work best for handspinning. • You better understand how different fiber preparations require different handspinning techniques: drafting methods, amount and angle of twist, and finishing can all change. • You gain control over your materials. • You have a project the whole family can be part of, and • Your hands become baby–soft from the lanolin. In this class you'll learn how to skirt, scour/wash, dry, pick and flick, card and comb.

 MATERIALS FEE : 5 dollars: scouring detergent, handcards and combs, a fleece can also be purchased from instructor by prior arrangement

Level: Beginner

Registration: Members $38 (23% discount), Non-members $46 (23% discount)

Instructor: Judi Jetson

What to bring/how to dress: fleece, rectangular dishwashing tub, and carding or combing tools you have

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408 Depot Street
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