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V-Handwork Circle on May 29, 2020

30 May 2020 11:30 AM | Susette Shiver (Administrator)

Here we are at a relaxing, exciting, informative, cozy, getting to know people better V-circle session (Do I have to type Virtual Handwork Circle?).

Beth and Nancy hadn't met yet so there were a few introductions (both lived in Ohio) and getting to know each other chat.

Beth was happy to see Sebette (she had missed the last two workshops when Sebette had started joining us.  It was "accidental", because Beth really got involved in what she was doing and the time just blipped by!  Unusual focus for a maker?  Nope.  We forgive her.   :)

Next up: our let's-see-what-you-are-working on bit of the V-circle.

Nancy is developing a workshop project that would work very well in a virtual or in person setting.  All you need is old wool sweater & scissors & cloth scraps & needle & threads!  I'd attend and the others were equally enthusiastic.  What about you all? We want her to do one at Local Cloth.

Beth is finishing a project started last year that needed finishing. She wants that loom for a more important project and some yarn was begging to be used up... We witnessed it when she cut the piece off of the loom and were totally impressed on how long it was and the beautiful colors. Some of her wool was hand dyed and it included handspun art yarn.

Sebette was spinning.  Sheshowed us the "before" and "after".  She has a few more bats to spin before finishing this project.  

Do you know what impresses me?  Both Beth and Sebette who spin and weave (Sebette do you weave? I can't remember) do not knit or crochet.  Well, as a knitter and crocheter, I was flummoxed!  Sebette even mentioned that she didn't always know what to do with the yarn when she was done.  I bit my tongue (thought bubble: give it to me!!!!!!!!!).

Here are the socks that I am working during our recent sessions. It is lovely sock yarn that I am working with:  Alegria.  

I asked the next question and really benefitted from group knowledge (although Nancy might have been bored to tears on this one!).  What about spinning wheels for someone who has never done it?? What types have you used?  We discussed mostly electric wheels such as the Mano Electric Eel E-Spinner (that Beth started on) or the Ashford Jumbo for art yarns, maybe not for beginners, instead the regular Ashford, or the Lyndrum starter wheel.  I could go on the Anything Fiber Facebook page "in search of" to look for a wheel for beginners.  This is a relief to have a small number of wheel suggestions to begin investigating.  When I searched for spinning wheels for beginners, Google returned 52,000 results in 54 seconds.

We saw Beth's triangle loom on the wall which was loaded with warp ready to go in beautiful blues and greens.  She confessed to having gotten bored with it so now has become a wall hanging.  I had loved seeing Marcia Kummerle's mohair and wool shawls that had been made and designed on a triangle loom at Good Fibrations.  I am hoping to post in another blog the links to the videos she made as a part of the Local Cloth studio tour she presented a few weeks ago.  Wonderful goats and yarn and shawls!

Speaking of acquiring more yarn (were we?), Beth mentioned that Local Cloth might host a yarn sale.  It could even be outside adjacent to the studio where social distancing, etc. would be easier and safer.  I am all for it!

Fun fact: Susette, Beth, and Sebette all live in the same area in Leicester and have the same postman, Rex!!  He is a treasure we all agree.


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