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Judi Jetson Virtual Studio Tour

09 May 2020 6:21 PM | Susette Shiver (Administrator)

Judi Jetson of Weaverville led us (virtually) through her house to show of some of her pieces and then downstairs to her studio where she houses lots of fiber and tools with which to process and dye them.  

Judi has taught at John C. Campbell Folk School  and of course at Local Cloth here in Asheville.  You can read more about her here.

Fun fact: Her favorite spinning wheel is a Wee Peggy, but unfortunately it is no longer being manufactured. However, a Google search shows pictures of them and informs us that one can get them second hand.  Newer models based on it are being made as well.  

Judi was kind enough to share some images of her work and to demonstrate some of her favorite tools.  

This first piece is a memory coat.  Get well cards Judi received during an illness were scanned and transferred to fabric to remember all her friends and their sympathy.


Like some of us, Judi designed and started a quilt years ago, then moved from place to place carrying it with her.  Finally, the quilt is complete!


Here are some more of her pieces.




Downstairs, Judi's color and idea inspiration wall is a collection of various tests and workshop pieces. These next two images are full of technique and color ideas.



You might have guessed that Judi has a stash (ahem, a STASH)!



Now for her favorite tools!  These relate to processing wool prior to spinning it (first two photos) and a handy spinner (to speed the efficiency of hand washing wool and yarn).  



And a finished or nearly finished batting that she demonstrated during the tour.  Ta da!  You will have to quiz her later on felt balls, beehives, and specialty yarn.


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