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Virtual Handwork Circle on May 8, 2020

08 May 2020 6:53 PM | Susette Shiver (Administrator)

We had a lovely visit together earlier today and a guest, Ellen Knoefel from Weaverville, told us about Project Linus and a little of its history.  We thank her for joining us!

Originally, Project Linus was founded in 1985 to provide a pediatric hospital with security blankets for their young cancer patients.  Nearly 8 million blankets have been donated since then!    

Project Linus of Western North Carolina is our local branch (12 counties currently participate) and it has its own history.   Project Linus WNC has provided 80,000 blankets made by 500 volunteer blanket makers. You can find the recipient organizations that hand out the blankets under history.

There are multiple drop off areas for volunteers to bring their blankets for donation (in the Asheville area there are two, one in Weaverville and one at Joann's).  

There is an extensive process that the volunteers carry out monthly in a work-together setting to process the blankets which includes labeling them and packaging in plastic bags.  The label that cites Project Linus contains a poem and also the maker's name!  

Volunteers make blankets that are:

  1. new
  2. washable
  3. child friendly!

And they can be:

  1. knitted
  2. crocheted
  3. sewn or made from fleece

Once made, they are dropped off at specific collection locations which other volunteers collect from weekly.  Finally, they are delivered to the organization that have "ordered/requested" them to be given to the children.  

The biggest requests are for medium (40" X 50" and up) and large (50" X 60" and up) sizes and fleece ones (single layer) are very popular.  

Project Linus is an amazing organization that has grown out of need of the children for comfort and from the willingness and enjoyment volunteers receive for their participation.  

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