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The Value of Taking a Class

11 Jun 2018 1:21 PM | Joan Berner

I am lucky enough to teach what I love.   Recently though I have been on a kick to take classes myself and I have learned a number of things.

I have realized that learning something new is more daunting than I remember. I want more things written down because two months later when I get back to it I surely won't remember the fine details of my new craft.  And I need pictures or videos of the details to help remember the new skills. These experiences are helping me with my classes and I will try to make improvements. 

I have also learned how much fun it is to take something completely out of my element and see a project from a whole different perspective.  I like being in a class instead of the solitude, with no feedback, from reading a book and trying to make it work.  I like how a teacher can show me the slight turn of the hand to make a better stitch or knot that I never would have picked up from a book.  I like seeing what others are doing and receive critique.  And I like seeing how a class of students, that are all learning the same technique interpret it in such a different manner.


I have taken a felt bootmaking, a jewelry making, a doll making and the polymer clay class. While I doubt any will become a passion of mine I have learned I like my felting technique better, learned to use tools I have never used, learned more about color and design and learned the value and boost I get from completing something in a short period of time and being successful and done.

I hope you find something of interest to take this year with Local Cloth to boost your energy and creativity.

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