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Handwork Circle: new collaboration

10 May 2023 11:42 AM | Susette Shiver (Administrator)

5/16/23 last updated

Dear HC friends

We are starting our second collaborative project. If you want to join in and I don't know about it yet (you haven't received an email), let me know by emailing Susette Shiver.

Tori is going to start, Since she was interested in knowing the order beforehand, lets all think about it and sign up below (It's not binding!!  We are a flexible group): think about whether you care to be in the early vs. latter stages of the project.  If no one wants the 2. position I am happy to take it on, Tori, as you are just down the road!

Remember, we aren't in any rush or deadline, and each artist adds after the piece "speaks to them"! As before, I will finish and prepare for hanging unless someone else volunteers.

1. Tori, thinking "Japanese kimono fabrics and maybe some Sashiko"

2. Susette

3. Katya

4. Paddy

5. Rebecca

6. Ceil

7. Carolyne

8. Mary


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