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Local Cloth Vendor Spotlight: Betty Hilton-Nash, BHN DESIGNS

21 Mar 2023 11:53 AM | Susette Shiver (Administrator)

Vendor Spotlight:
Betty Hilton-Nash, BHN Designs

Since Betty was 8 years old and her mother taught her how to sew, she has been a textile person. In addition to being a tapestry weaver for the past 30 years, one of her textile explorations involves dyeing silk, rayon and bamboo scarves and rayon tunics.

She has always been fascinated with color, its effect on the eye and the emotions. She starts with a white scarf and adds color randomly, and with intent, using Shibori resist techniques. She loves the spontaneity of the process. She works intuitively, reacting to the first color applied in deciding what color to apply next. She has recently added rayon tunics, which she dyes using a 3-color immersion process, employing block resist or banded resist Shibori techniques for a decorative element. She uses primarily fiber reactive dyes along with indigo.

A scarf is the perfect size canvas on which to record a creative moment. It forces the artist to put their first and best effort on the fabric. The scarf allows the wearer to express their creativity in pairing with an outfit as well as experiencing the luxury of fine fabrics next to their skin. She has been pairing these scarves with the new tunic line to achieve a complete look for the buyer.

Betty sells silk scarves, rayon tunics and skirts, bamboo socks and small tapestries in the shop.

Image above: Betty Hilton-Nash


408 Depot Street
Asheville, NC 28801

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