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Handwork Circle Project Photos

27 Feb 2022 1:22 PM | Susette Shiver (Administrator)

The in-person and virtual handwork circle participants have so many interesting projects.  For those of you not present or only present on the Zoom handwork circle, photos of past and present projects are wonderful to archive and look back upon later.


Joanne D’Andrea, for example, is an expert quilter.  She and her friends had a great idea to make squares for quilts in collaboration with each other.  Each person made a center square establishing their “look”, especially their colors that would define the quilt.  Then, the squares are exchanged with another for the next series of additions in the log cabin pattern, and so on, until the quilt top is completed. In the end, each person ends up with a quilt top to finish. Here is what they look like now (some are detail photos; the overall views are labeled with the quilter’s name):


Have you ever felt that fiber reactive dyes are wasteful?  Unlike acid dyeing wool where all the dye is taken up, fiber reactive dyes are quite inefficient. Joanna has taken paper and placed it below fabric being ice dyed and achieved some beautiful results.  What I find exciting is that they are not one big blur of color but have white undyed spaces in places.  Joanna then sat about doodling with a pen to create something entirely new.  I have to say it reminds me of Nancy Gamon and her ice dyeing and noodling around over pictures. Check out her YouTube videos

Here are some of Joanna's pieces from her ice dyeing experiments:

starting pieces:

with drawings superimposed:


Camille Daunno has made an unusual basket with fiber and rings. Beautiful colors! First the rings with crochet and then assembled:


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