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Year: 2023

1January, 2023FebruaryMarch
Sep 27 Night Knitting Circle
Sep 28 Mountain Art Quilters
Sep 28 Fall Skirting Team
Sep 28 V-Handwork Circle
Sep 28 Making Paper with Recycled Fiber
Sep 29 Sustainability Month Clothing Swap
Sep 30 Solar Printing
Oct 01 Sewing tips, tricks, and timesavers
Oct 01 Natural Dye Interest Group
Oct 02 Mending Matters Circle
Oct 02 Stitch & Stab Circle
Oct 03 All about Color
Oct 03 Fall Skirting Team
Oct 04 Making Paper with Recycled Fiber
Oct 04 Night Knitting Circle
Oct 05 Fall Skirting Team
Oct 05 Handwork Circle
Oct 05 Dye Lab
Oct 06 Paste Paper Journal
Oct 06 Knit your first or second or third... sweater
Oct 07 Paste Paper Journal
Oct 08 Fall Skirting Team
Oct 09 Stitch & Stab Circle
Oct 10 Weaving in the Present Moment: An Intro Class to Weaving and its Meditative Magic
Oct 10 Mending Matters Circle
Oct 11 Night Knitting Circle
Oct 12 Fall Skirting Team
Oct 12 V-Handwork Circle
Oct 12 Textile Study Group: Catching Fire: Flamme Ikat Textiles of Europe
Oct 14 Gelli Printing on Paper and Fabric
Oct 14 Private Rental
Oct 15 The Spinning Study Group
Oct 16 Design Divas
Oct 17 Tapestry Study Group
Oct 17 Fall Skirting Team
Oct 18 Night Knitting Circle
Oct 19 Fall Skirting Team
Oct 19 Application to Vend at 2023 Southern Highland Craft Fair
Oct 19 Handwork Circle
Oct 20 Re-Connecting our Region's Textile Heritage through Craft: The Blue Ridge Blankets Project
Oct 20 Knit your first or second or third... sweater
Oct 21 Amazing Circle Tote Bag
Oct 22 Natural Dye Interest Group
Oct 22 Fall Skirting Team
Oct 23 Stitch & Stab Circle
Oct 24 Silk Paper
Oct 24 Fall Skirting Team
Oct 25 Beaded tubular netting necklace
Oct 25 Night Knitting Circle
Oct 26 Mountain Art Quilters
Oct 26 V-Handwork Circle
Oct 26 Fall Skirting Team
Oct 27 Twelve-by-Twelve Textile Show Closing Reception
Oct 28 Bookmaking with Eco-printed paper
Oct 30 Stitch & Stab Circle
Oct 31 Rowan Tree Travel Private Class
Nov 01 Fall Skirting Team
Nov 01 Night Knitting Circle
Nov 02 Handwork Circle
Nov 02 Dye Lab
Nov 03 Knit your first or second or third... sweater
Nov 04 Fall Skirting Team
Nov 05 Private Rental: Shepherds, Spinners and Wannabees
Nov 06 Mending Matters Circle
Nov 06 Stitch & Stab Circle
Nov 07 Fall Skirting Team
Nov 07 Night Knitting Circle
Nov 08 Weaving Mountains: An Intro Class to Weaving with Shapes & Embroidery
Nov 09 Fall Skirting Team
Nov 09 V-Handwork Circle
Nov 10 Recycled sweater ornaments
Nov 11 Beginning Tapestry Weaving
Nov 12 Ornamental Stitching
Nov 13 Sweater Gnomes
Nov 13 Stitch & Stab Circle
Nov 14 Even-count flat peyote cuff bracelet
Nov 14 Mending Matters Circle
Nov 15 Night Knitting Circle
Nov 16 Mountain Art Quilters
Nov 16 Handwork Circle
Nov 17 Two Roots Farm Tour Field Trip
Nov 17 Knit your first or second or third... sweater
Nov 18 Beginning Tapestry Weaving
Nov 19 The Spinning Study Group
Nov 20 Design Divas
Nov 21 Tapestry Study Group
Nov 22 A bag for everyone on your list
Nov 22 Night Knitting Circle
Nov 23 V-Handwork Circle
Nov 26 Community Holiday Make and Take
Nov 26 Natural Dye Interest Group
Nov 27 Stitch & Stab Circle
Nov 29 Night Knitting Circle
Nov 30 V-Handwork Circle
Dec 04 Mending Matters Circle
Dec 04 Stitch & Stab Circle
Dec 06 Night Knitting Circle
Dec 07 Handwork Circle
Dec 07 Dye Lab
Dec 09 Holiday Fibershed Market
Dec 11 Stitch & Stab Circle
Dec 12 Mending Matters Circle
Dec 13 Night Knitting Circle
Dec 14 V-Handwork Circle
Dec 17 The Spinning Study Group
Dec 19 Tapestry Study Group
Dec 20 Night Knitting Circle
Dec 21 Handwork Circle
Dec 24 Natural Dye Interest Group
Dec 28 V-Handwork Circle


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