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Year: 2020

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Aug 14 V-Handwork Circle
Aug 15 Weaving on a Triangle Loom
Aug 21 V-Handwork Circle
Aug 27 V - Introduction to Digital Textile Design and Spoonflower Printing
Aug 28 V-Handwork Circle
Sep 04 V-Handwork Circle
Sep 06 2-D Needle Felting
Sep 10 V - The Organic Indigo Vat
Sep 11 V - The Organic Indigo Vat
Sep 11 V-Handwork Circle
Sep 12 Virtual Low Tech Screen Printing
Sep 15 Need to Knit
Sep 17 Dye Lab: Painting Protein Fiber with Acid Dye
Sep 18 V-Handwork Circle
Sep 19 Beginning Spinning
Sep 20 Cozy Felted Slippers-an exploration of wet felting with a resist
Sep 25 V-Handwork Circle
Sep 26 Dying Mohair - based Yarn on the Farm
Sep 27 Natural Dye and Medicinal Plant Group
Sep 28 Stranded Mittens
Oct 02 V-Handwork Circle
Oct 03 MycoPaper: Making Handmade Paper with Mushrooms
Oct 04 Hat on a Ball
Oct 08 Dye Lab: Dyeing Cotton and other Cellulose Fibers with Fiber Reactive Dye
Oct 09 Block Printing on Fabric
Oct 09 V-Handwork Circle
Oct 14 Fiber Arts Critique Group
Oct 15 Beginners Introduction to Natural Dyeing
Oct 16 V-Handwork Circle
Oct 18 Felted Mask
Oct 22 Building Color Confidence
Oct 23 V-Handwork Circle
Oct 30 V-Handwork Circle
Nov 06 V-Handwork Circle
Nov 07 Nuno Felt for Weavers
Nov 12 Dye Lab: Painting Protein Fiber with Acid Dye
Nov 13 Hands on Shibori
Nov 13 V-Handwork Circle
Nov 20 V-Handwork Circle
Nov 27 V-Handwork Circle
Dec 03 Felted Trees
Dec 04 V-Handwork Circle
Dec 10 Dye Lab: Painting Protein Fiber with Acid Dye
Dec 11 V-Handwork Circle
Dec 18 V-Handwork Circle

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